Our passengers are our priority.

We have a team of exceptional professionals that have made the above statement their work’s mission statement. Scroll down to learn more.


Assistant – School Buses

Our Bus Assistants are a serious bunch of professional ladies, all trained in Child Protection and Bus Assistant roles and responsibilities. A fun fact: the majority of them are mothers themselves and they know exactly how to take care of your little ones.


Driver – School Buses

Our School Bus Drivers come in all shapes and sizes. Between all of them, they possess a cumulative driving experience of not 2 years, not even 6 years, but 60 years! That’s almost the average life expectancy of people in under develop world.

Ikhtiar Gul

Ground Staff Supervisor

Ikhtiar has been working with us for over 5 years now and there is literally no street in Abu Dhabi that’s he’s not aware. He keeps our School Bus drivers upbeat at all times and makes sure they have no issues settling into their roles as School Bus Drivers.


Coordinator – School Buses

Younus is known for his charm and his quick-thinking on the ground. He coordinates the entire School Bus operations for both the campuses of Repton Schools in Abu Dhabi on a daily basis. Younus’s strengths are in making sure all the children and their parents are happy and satisfied with the bus service at all times.

Our Document Controller.

Asmat Iqbal

Leave it to Asmat to beautifully keep track of all documents going in and out of the office. Whether it is vehicle inspection documents, or certifications of drivers from their latest training session, or even the countersigned invoices and payment receipts, Asmat knows exactly where to find them both online and offline. He literally keeps our office from turning into a huge pile of papers covering everything and everyone.

Our Administrative Manager

Ansar Basir

Ansar has mastered the admin work of the transportation industry on several fronts. He is responsible for working the ever-ringing office landline, pre-screening candidates for driver or bus assistant positions, as well as maintaining extensive records of everything related to our key company assets: our People and our Vehicles. If all this wasn’t enough, his multilingual skills come in handy when it comes to the art of negotiations with parties both internally and externally.

Our Finance Manager.

Nayeem Siddiqui

When not crunching endless numbers on his financial software, Nayeem can be found discussing about his other interests in Bollywood movies and sports, or just making new friends. His sociable personality, exceptional organizational and accounting skills make him great at what he does, and this enables us to always know which direction the company is headed into: the dreaded red or the promising green!

Our Public Relations Officer (PRO).

Syed Ahmed

Syed Ahmed, also known as “Syed bhai (the elder brother)” by everyone in the office, is one of the most organized and punctual people you will ever meet. When we say punctual, we really mean it. Syed is a total morning person and also the first person you will find in any government office on any given day. He likes to get things done proactively and keeps us on our toes when it comes to meeting deadlines.

Our Operations Manager.

Fawad Shah

Fawad is literally our ‘MacGyver’ or the ‘go-to person for everything’. While he is exceptionally good at managing the School Bus operations in multiple schools with great finesse and perfection, he is also well known amongst his peers for his gifted intellect and an innovative spirit. There is never a minute where he can be found relaxing or sitting idle. It is this undying innovative spirit and his incessant drive to excel in everything that keeps Fawad up at nights while simultaneously bringing our company leaps and bounds ahead of our worthy competition.

Our Business Development Manager.

Suhail Akhtar

Suhail is our creative business developer with coveted leadership capabilities and a proven track record of closing business deals independently. Having spent considerable amount of time managing and overseeing the school transport operations as well, he is well versed in the industry and can accurately predict a client’s predicament and/or requirements in the initial meeting itself. Additionally he has a great insight into identifying problems and solving them through technological innovation and necessary collaboration.

Our Managing Director.

Bashir Khan

Our Managing Director has spent a considerable amount of his life in various countries across the world and as such brings a wealth of international experience and knowledge to our company. Added to this is his unique and innovative way of targeting issues proactively and providing effective solutions to move the company in the right direction and ensure continued customer satisfaction and retention. He keeps the team together and leads us from the front with a strategic vision and mission.

Our Principles

We work on three simple principles. These principles guide all our actions in the realm of School Buses.

1. Safety and Security of Students.

Through implementing various technologies, training the crew, and running preventative vehicle maintenance, we make sure our passengers are always safe and secure on our School Buses.


2.Proactive Planning.

We strongly believe in the proverb: ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’. As a result, our proactive planning and foresight effectively translates into smooth day-to-day operations.


3. Strong Communication.

. We believe that the foundation of any great relationship is good communication. As a result, we encourage our passengers, crew, parents and school authorities to actively communicate with us through any of the multiple channels of communication available.

Our office is our second home

Here are some pictures from our office. You can see the place looks like a palace and is fully equiped with everything you need to get the job done.

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